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Fire House KZN is the only Centa Group Member on the KZN South Coast.

We supply of quality, SABS approved fire extinguishers, fire fighting powder, hose reels and hoses, cabinets and essential fire signage.

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Is your home, factory, office, shop or restaurant adequately protected against fire?

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Our technicians are registered with SAQCC-Fire & Fire Detection for assessments, installation and servicing

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Fire House KZN provides a Turnkey project solution for Fire Protection in any industry.  Starting with a fire risk audit and progressing onto design and installation of total fire protection.

Complete fire protection installations can include:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Electronic Fire Detection
  • Water Systems
  • Suppression Systems
  • Portable Fire Equipment

Our team of specialists are experienced in a range of Fire Suppression Systems

We assess the risk of fire at your premises, identify potential fire hazards and create awareness of the danger of fire – ensuring a safe environment for staff and equipment to:

  • Save your business from the devastating consequences of a fire
  • Ensure compliance to the DOL’s Health and Safety Act

Fire House KZN specialise in providing clients with Turnkey project solutions specific to any environment.

Our areas of expertise include Electronic Fire Detection, Gas Suppression, Water Systems, Kitchen System, Passive Fire Protection and Room Integrity Testing.


fire risk assesments

5 steps

Step 1: Identify the fire hazard

For a fire to occur, three elements are required: ignition source, fuel and oxygen. Potential sources of ignition include natural flames (cookers, etc), hot surfaces (lighting, heaters), hot work (welding) friction (conveyor belts), sparks (grinding) and arson. Potential sources of fuel could include solids (textiles, paper, wood, etc), liquids (petrol, thinners, paints, etc) and gases (LPG). CENTA’S fire risk assessment advisor determines and lists the potential sources of ignition and fuels present at your premises.

Step 2: Identify people at risk

If there is a fire the greatest danger is the spread of flames, heat and smoke through the premises. The main risk to people is from smoke and products of combustion. Premises without adequate means of escape may trap people trying to escape a fire, or they may be overcome by heat and smoke before they can evacuate. Our expert will assess the likely speed and growth of a fire, the number of people in an area, fire warning arrangements, fire escape routes.

Step 3: Evaluate the risks

Taking into account measures which may already be in place, our assessor will decide if additional control measures are needed. These could include removing or reducing the risk of ignition, minimizing fuel loads, providing additional escape routes, installing a fire detection and alarm system, staff training and appropriate fire fighting equipment such as additional fire extinguishers, fire suppression or sprinkler systems. Our assessments include an action plan to monitor and review all fire safety arrangements.

Step 4: Recording findings

We document people at risk, the adequacy of existing measures and any additional action necessary to reduce the risk to an acceptable level, define compliance to national acts and standards and provide simple floor plans.

Step 5: Review and revise the risk assessment

Fire risk assessments are ongoing processes that need continuous monitoring and auditing. It is imperative to ensure new and existing control measures are maintained. At the same time changes to premises can bring a new set of hazards.

Centa-Corrosion Proof Hose Reels


CENTA Group Complete Fire Protection Corrosion proof hose reels are SANS 543-compliant and have a 30-meter range with a powerful jet nozzle.
These hose reels are exactly what coastal-based businesses need as they can withstand high salt environments.
Fire Equipment Servicing and Maintenance


When was the last time your fire equipment and systems got a bit of TLC?
To get your money’s worth and ensure your fire safety solutions are effective, you need regular maintenance. Contact Fire House KZN for a quote on maintaining or improving your existing fire safety solutions.
>> Fire Alarm Systems
Quarterly Testing & Servicing
>> Fire Doors & Gates
>> Fixed Extinguishing Systems
Yearly Maintenance
>> Fire Hoses & Reels
Yearly Maintenance
Pressure Testing every 5 Years
>> Fire Extinguishers
Yearly Maintenance


As the temperature drops, it’s important to be mindful of fire safety practices. Keep anything that can burn at least one meter away from heaters. Have a one-meter “kid-free zone” around open fires and space heaters. Never use your oven to heat your home. Always use the right kind of fuel for fuel-burning space heaters.


Is your business hospitality-based? Do you run a busy restaurant? Or do you simply want to make your home a safer space? Our kitchen systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires in their incipient stage, providing you with peace of mind when it really matters!

Does your home have a Fire Extinguisher?

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher that is easily accessible. Some homes should have at three or more, depending on the number of rooms and floors.


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